Greater Good Imperials

Imperial Citra

Citra Imperial Saison Craft Beer Brewed in MA 

Imperial Citra IPA with a Belgian Twist is a gorgeous golden-style farmhouse ale with a pillowy-white head. It’s everything you’d expect from a traditional Belgian beer: soft, peppery, earthy, tones with a crisp dry yet bold finish. Then we impart our very own non-traditional dry hopping techniques most commonly used for hop forward IPAs and American Pale Ales. Before your first sip, your senses will enjoy the delicious tropical aromas of grapefruit, melon, lime, gooseberry and passionfruit, you can only get by introducing an abundance of Citra hops from the Pacific Northwest. It’s the perfect brew for ballgame, beach, or backyard barbeque. Enjoy!

9% ABV