Greater Good Imperials

Good Night Moon Imperial Milk Porter


Strong, bold, creamy and delicious. If you’re seeking a flavorful Porter that means business, here you go. We’ve created a traditional-style London Porter with the addition of lactose to give you a creamier mouth feel, a technique famously found in milk stouts. The results are out of this world.  Brewed with South American Coffee and Chocolate malts – you’ll get unbelievable hints of roasted flavors that only enhance the typical caramel flavors of traditional porters. We then cold condition our Imperial with Cacao nibs which impart a harmonious hint of chocolate and coffee to what we only call an “Imperial drinking experience”. We think our Imperial Milk Porter is unlike that of any porter you will find, and we hope it finds you resting in your favorite chair by the fire this Fall.


11% ABV