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Front of House (Pub) Manager

Greater Good Imperial Brewing Co. (GG)  is seeking a full-time Sales & Marketing Manager to join its growing team. This position reports to the President of GG.  Established in 2015 and distributed since August 2016, GG is known for being Americas First All-Imperial Brewing Company TM.  Some of its best-selling beers include PULP IPA and “V” IPA, CITRA Belgian Imperial IPA,  Helena Imperial Altbier, Good Night Moon Imperial Milk Porter, and Greylock Imperial New England IPA.  GG is currently brewing under contract in Williamsburg MA and building a state-of-the-art Pub Brewery in Worcester MA scheduled to open in Q1 2018. GG’s brand is positioned for rapid growth in the Northeast over the next 3-5 years.

Position Summary: GG is seeking an experienced and inspiring leader capable of managing a Front of House staff of 2-5 people. Knowledge and passion for craft beer is essential. Familiarity on execution of Pub Fare foods to patrons also critical.  Job duties will include, but are not limited to: managing the taproom shift schedules and lead taproom events, serving patrons as bartender and providing support in our taproom, organizing taproom events, vendor management, working with Sales & Marketing Manager to drive taproom foot traffic, as well as numerous other day-to-day activities required to keep the Front of House running smoothly. The ideal candidate is extroverted and friendly.  The ideal candidate has previous beer, bar and hospitality industry management experience, is extremely organized and detail oriented, is accountable for mistakes, is capable of delegating tasks and asking for help and is both responsible and hard working.  FOH Manager will report to and work alongside President of GG.

Detailed Responsibilities: 

Taproom Management

  • Hiring, paperwork, onboarding, training, ServSafe and TIPS certification for all taproom staff, where applicable.
  • Ongoing trainings for all staff with attention to beer service, customer service and best practices
  • Manage call-outs & vacations, along with Shift Lead
  • Tactfully enforce taproom procedures
  • Tactfully address taproom problems and inefficiencies
  • Introduce new efficiencies and procedures to improve the taproom
  • Creates weekly staff schedules
  • Address incomplete work. Praise a job well-done.
  • Manage environmental maintenance including, but not limited to, scheduling and completing routine maintenance of taproom equipment and environment (draft system maintenance, service ice maker, breakdown and store patio for the winter, patch paint in the taproom, etc.)
  • Manage taproom voicemail
  • Manage events and informational email inquiries
  • Vendor relations
  • Manage relationships with taproom food (retail) vendors
  • Identify opportunities for new food options
  • Manage orders, delivery and invoicing
  • Manage inventory
  • Maintain an orderly and clean storage environment
  • Manage relationships with taproom materials suppliers (Lancelot, Sysco, etc.)
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage orders, delivery and invoicing
  • Routinely clean, organize storage environment
  • Manage taproom retail stock inventory
  • Host monthly taproom meetings/trainings with all taproom staff
  • Effectively communicate staff suggestions, complaints and opinions to senior leadership
  • Be a receptive, approachable leader to staff
  • Effectively address any and all taproom customer complaints in a timely manner
  • Routinely engage with head brewer to best understand upcoming beers and train staff accordingly
  • Act as a knowledgeable liaison between staff, the customer, the brewery production and sales teams; maintain a thorough understanding of our beer, the Greater Good culture and our processes. Have the ability to confidently discuss beer with both our enlightened and our curious patrons – be receptive to learning from our brewing staff. Be friendly, conversational, knowledgeable, but also approachable. Suggest beers effectively.
  • Maintain compliance with local, state and federal authorities. Including, but not limited to local Board of Health, State ABCC Pour License, FDA, Local food Licensures and One Day Licenses.
  • Keg Tracking: Scan taproom associated kegs, manage inventory, document taproom keg sales appropriately and retrieve kegs when necessary.
  • Events Planning, Execution & Management
  • Plan and execute taproom events that are beer centric and/or community focused
  • Schedule events 3-6 months in advance
  • Curate event details to share with social media manager
  • Manage events and staffing budgets
  • Schedule weekly, monthly and semi annual events
  • Beer release events
  • Pop-up food events (monthly)
  • Music events – booking bands, sound technicians
  • Brewery tour events (monthly)
  • Influencer/educational events (monthly)
  • Large-scale events for 700+ attendees (semi-annually)
  • Manage recurring taproom events (yoga, running club, open mic, etc.)
  • Coordinate event scheduling with the people who lead these events
  • Touch base with and engage with event leaders routinely
  • Keep a regular pulse on the success of these events and find ways to maintain or improve success
  • Periodically attend these routine events
  • Vendor relations
  • Book food trucks
  • Navigate food truck licensing process to license new trucks
  • Apply for temporary permits
  • Book event rental items
  • Maintain current contact list of all active vendors
  • Communicate all event details with social media manager and coordinate media campaigns
  • Communicate events details with all staff
  • Maintain events calendar
  • Schedule, manage and staff private events
  • Host weekly meetings with FOH staff
  • Track taproom volume/sales trends


This position requires flexibility for special events, as well as occasional weekend availability. Our taproom plans to be open Tuesday through Sunday, from 3PM until later evening. Work hours may be as early as 11AM and as late as 11PM. The taproom may be open on additional evenings for special events. The Front of House manager may have to fill in for sick or absent employees.


Greater Good Imperial Brewing Co is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Compensation will be very competitive with industry standards.  Please apply here and attach a current resume and cover letter. Calls or personal visits will not be accepted.

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