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The Passport Series is a line of beers that highlights styles of beer from across the globe. The label artwork for the Passport Series also showcases landscapes from the regions that influenced each beer. Citra is a Belgian IPA. Helena is a German-Inspired Ale. Greylock is a New-England IPA. Good Night Moon is a London Porter, and Evana is a Russian Imperial Stout. All clocking in at 8% ABV and up!


The Moose Series is a family of Imperial beers that is new and exploratory. We have used some of our brewer’s favorite hops to make proprietary blends, showcasing some of our most unique flavors to-date.




Here at Greater Good, we believe that 8 is the new 5...percent that is. While 5% has traditionally marked the high end of a sessionable beer, we set the bar at 8%. Of course, being America's First All-Imperial Brewing Company gives us that mentality. 
Soul Purpose Brewing Company
Soul Purpose refers to the lineup of beers that we launched out of our Worcester taproom in 2018. While all Greater Good beers are 8% and up, Soul Purpose beers are much more sessionable, ranging from 3.5% ABV to 6% ABV. This makes for a longer stay at our gorgeous new Worcester taproom and brewery!
CrushGroove - New England-style Session IPA
CrushGroove was our first ever beer brewed under the Soul Purpose lined that launched when we arrived in Worcester! This 4.3% crusher is a departure from the all-Imperial beers that Greater Good has become known for. CrushGroove is brewed with Citra and Mosaic hops, and showcases some potent citrus zest, notes of melon, and an unparalleled crisp finish that provides CrushGroove with optimal crushability!

ABV: 4.3%
HOPS: Citra & Mosaic
YEAST: House Yeast
GRAIN: Pilsner, White Wheat, Golden Naked Oats
EAZY - New England-style Session IPA
The second beer in our Soul Purpose lineup, EAZY is dry-hopped with Mosaic lupulin powder and Azacca hops on top of a healthy grain bill. Eazy will produce notes of tangerine and melon up front, leading into a surprisingly refreshing oaty finish. Pairs well with some sun and a couple of spare hours!

ABV: 4.5%
HOPS: Mosaic & Azacca
YEAST: House Yeast
GRAIN: Pilsner, White Wheat
Shook Ones - Fruit Milkshake IPA series
Shook Ones is Soul Purpose's line of fruited Milkshake IPAs. Dry-hopped with Vic Secret, Citra & Mosaic, this beer gives off immense fruit aromas and follows it up with a sweet, fruit-laden pallet. The vanilla that is added provides an amazingly smooth and velvety mouthfeel, and finally Shook Ones finishes with a hoppy flavor that reminds you of why you're drinking an IPA in the first place!

Volume 1: Strawberry
Volume 2: Pineapple & Coconut
Volume 3: Blood Orange & Passion Fruit 
Volume 4: Pumpkin & Spice
Volume 5: Dreamsicle (Orange, Vanilla & Creamsicles)

ABV: 6%
HOPS: Vic Secret, Citra & Mosaic
YEAST: House Yeast
GRAIN: 2-Row, White Wheat, Honey Crisp Malt
ADJUNCT: Milk Sugar, Vanilla & Rotating Fruits
Heart of MA - Coffee Milk Stout
Heart of MA(ssachusetts) by Soul Purpose is a milk coffee stout that was brewed in collaboration with our friends across town, Acoustic Java Roastery. Utilizing a medium-roast Sumatra, with a dash of Bourbon Barrel-Aged Sumatra beans, Heart of MA pours thick and creamy with hearty notes of coffee and cocoa. The BBA Sumatra adds the perfect amount of bite.

ABV: 6%
HOPS: Willamette & Nugget
YEAST: Dry Ale Yeast
GRAIN: Pale Malt, Chocolate Crip, Black Crisp, Crystal Malt
ADJUNCT: Sumatra Coffee Beans, Barrel-Aged Sumatra Coffee Beans, Lactose
Oktoberfest - Festbier


The first lager from Greater Good’s Session Project, Soul Purpose Brewing. Fittingly, released as a Fest Lager for the Fall. This 5.5% Lager is brewed with patience and extreme care. Clean and crisp, like an autumn breeze, this recipe is our interpretation of a festbier, a medium-bodied lager with subtle floral hop notes, inspired by the traditions of Oktoberfest in Munich.
ABV: 5.5%
HOPS: Teamaker
YEAST: House Lager Yeast
ADJUNCT: Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Ginger
Deepah Shade of Soul - Galaxy New England IPA
Deepah Shade of Soul is a 6% IPA that is loaded up with hops from Deepah Down Undah! Dry-hopped heavily with Galaxy hops, originating from Australia. The result is a citrusy medley of pear, peach and passionfruit. Finishing with a smooth, refreshing finish. Deepah Shade of Soul pours a bright, vibrant yellow hue and displays a gorgeous full-haze body that will keep you asking for more!

ABV: 6%
HOPS: Galaxy & Citra
YEAST: House NEIPA Yeast
GRAINPilsner, White Wheat, Golden Naked Oats
That Just Happened Series (w/Vanished Valley Brewing)
2018: That Just Happened (4.5%) Tart Cherry Sour Ale
2019: That Just Happened Again (4.5%) Raspberry Sour Ale
Pink Boots Society Brews (w/Pink Boots Society - MA)
2018: Paper Flowers (9%) Hoppy Saison
2019: Pink Is The New Black (6%) Black IPA
Worcester Collaboration Brews
2019: Snoopy Cap (4.6%) Coffee Brown Ale (w/Redemption Rock, Wormtown, 3Cross, Flying Dreams)
2020: Worcester's Bravest (5.2%) Belgian Witbier (w/Wormtown Brewery & Bay State Brewing)
Other Collaborations
2019: Greater Good & Canned Heat (6.3%) Sour Ale (Canned Heat Brewing Co.)